Arch Linux cheatsheetEdit

Just a set of personal reminders for me as I set up a Linux box. Some of these are generic, but many will be specific to my machine.

Reconnecting to the WiFi

netctl restart $PROFILE # eg netctl restart cole-valley

Putting the machine to sleep

systemctl suspend

Rebooting the machine

sudo reboot

Updating all packages

sudo pacman -Syu

Inspecting key and mouse events


Terminating the X session

  • Control-Alt-Backspace

Switching to another virtual console

  • Control-Alt-1, Control-Alt-2 etc.

Entering BIOS at power-on

  • Tap Delete (probably repeatedly).

Selecting boot device at power-on

  • Tap F12 (probably repeatedly).

Seeing fan speed and temperature information


Getting X window metadata

eg. for targeting specific windows in i3: