Troubleshooting Clipper on Arch LinuxEdit

Install from AUR

Using yay, for example:

yay -S clipper-git

As indicated in the PKGBUILD, installing prepares you to run Clipper but actually running it is up to you:

mkdir -p ~/.config/systemd/user
cp /usr/share/clipper/clipper.service ~/.config/systemd/user/clipper.service
systemctl --user daemon-reload
systemctl --user enable clipper.service
systemctl --user start clipper.service

Verify that the service is running

systemctl --user status clipper.service

View the logs

journalctl --user --unit clipper.service

Tail the logs

journalctl --user --unit clipper.service -f

Confirm that $DISPLAY is set


Without $DISPLAY, xclip won’t work.

Test that xclip works

echo hi | xclip -selection clipboard

Verify that the contents actually are in the clipboard by pasting into another application or by running, somewhat tautologically, xclip again:

xclip -o -selection clipboard

Test that the Clipper socket exists

$ find ~ -maxdepth 1 -type s -name .clipper.sock

Try piping something to the socket

Note ~ won’t work; you have to spell out the entire path:

echo stuff | socat - UNIX-CLIENT:$HOME/.clipper.sock
xclip -o -selection clipboard

(Using xclip to confirm that it made it into the clipboard.)