ZenTest 3.9.2Edit

ZenTest 3.9.2 was released on 20 March 2008.


  • 4 minor enhancements:
    • Added compatibility with miniunit differences.
    • Added email_notify, jabber_notify, and rcov autotest plugins.
    • Updated rakefile to include examples automatically in example_dot_autotest.
    • multiruby now outputs each command so you can grab it easily.
  • 5 bug fixes:
    • Ensure tests are run after reset.
    • Fixed all test/rails tests to run in any combo.
    • Fixed up growl.rb a bit… still buggy (growlnotify, not growl.rb).
    • Fixes for -f (fast start) and last_mtime in general.
    • Fixes for 1.9 and rubinius

(Taken from the official release notes.)

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