Web performance tipsEdit

Source: http://calendar.perfplanet.com/2013/the-runtime-performance-checklist/

  • Don’t invalidate too much of the tree (apply styles/classes as locally as possible)
  • Don’t thrash the layout by doing read/write in cycles "forced synchronous layout" (shown by exclamation mark in Chrome timeline)
  • For animations, try the cheaper ones first
    • opacity, transforms (compositing gets redone)
    • box-shadow, border-radius, background, outline etc (painting gets redone)
    • width, height, margin etc (layout gets redone)
  • Avoid excessive repaints caused by large "dirty rectangles" eg. caused by fixed elements
    • Do this by creating a new compositing layer -webkit-transform: translateZ(0) or backface-visibility: hidden
    • But beware of doing this to excess (always profile)