Vim screencastsEdit

A bunch of quick-and-dirty screencasts about Vim. My intention here is not to create yet another "here is why you should use Vim"/"see the power of modal editing" screencast, but rather a collection of short tips and demos for existing Vim users; basically the kind of content that I myself might want to see.

To prevent this from becoming too onerous, or letting my perfectionism get the better of me, I am giving myself permission for these to be rough, unscripted, unrehearsed and, in general, to suck. They shouldn’t be more than a few minutes long each.

Published "episodes"

Future "episodes"

Topics I’d like to cover, in no particular order.

  • Getting links and files to open in iTerm, tmux, and Vim
  • Statusline
  • Dealing with temporary files [DONE]
  • Italics in the terminal, true color in the terminal etc
  • Plug-ins I’ve written:
    • Command-T
    • Ferret
    • Terminus
  • Spelling
  • Settings [DONE]
  • CTRL-Z fg + bg trick
  • Sorting multi-line blocks

Recording checklist

  • Quit all other apps.
  • Switch to high-contrast colorscheme (dark tomorrow, probably).
  • Turn on "Do Not Disturb" mode in notifications center (two-finger swipe from right edge of trackpad).
  • Mute sound.
  • Close all but one iTerm tab.
  • Make sure you hide Screenflow.
  • Use my hacked-up Keycastr fork, because it works on Colemak.
  • Place Keycastr at the bottom/center of the screen.
  • Leave a gap between the terminal window and the bottom edge (room for Keycastr window).
  • For showing web pages, enable guest browsing; note that going "incognito" is not enough.
  • Audit recorded video for privacy.