Upgrading from WordPress 2.0.3 to 2.0.4 using SubversionEdit


See: Preparing WordPress for Subversion-based upgrades

For the reckless: the 5 second upgrade

The reckless can perform the upgrade with a single command from inside their WordPress install. The use of sudo and the -u user -H options (where you would substitute an appropriate value for user) is to ensure that ownership of the files does not change during the update (necessary if you are running in PHP Safe Mode):

sudo -u user -H svn switch http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/tags/2.0.4

A less reckless upgrade procedure is described below, which includes making a backup before upgrading.

For the careful: the 5 minute upgrade

Check the trunk, branches and tags directories in the repository

Given that in recent versions the WordPress team hasn’t always maintained an up-to-date set of tags in their Subversion repository, it is a good idea to check that recent changes in the trunk, branches and tags directories on the repository all match up. At the time of the 2.0.4 release announcement all three directories appeared to be in sync:

I checked using the following commands:

svn log --limit 5 http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/tags/2.0.4
svn log --limit 5 http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/branches/2.0
svn log --limit 5 http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/trunk

And incidentally, using the svn log command (with a higher --limit value) is one way of seeing what changes have been made to the source tree. This is useful seeing as the WordPress team likes to practise a little bit of security through obscurity, labelling a release as a containing "several important security fixes" but neglecting to mention what they are, nor any of the other "bug fixes (over 50!)" in the release. You can also check the WordPress trac.

Backup the database

Choosing appropriate values for ${MYSQLUSER}, ${DATABASE} and ${FILENAME}:

/usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/mysqldump --opt -u "${MYSQLUSER}" -p -h localhost \
      "${DATABASE}" | /usr/bin/bzip2 -c > "~/${FILENAME}"

Backup the installed files

If your WordPress install was in the folder wp you would cd into its parent folder and do something like this:

/usr/bin/sudo /bin/tar -c -v wp > ~/pre-2.0.4-backup.tar
/bin/gzip --verbose -9 ~/pre-2.0.4-backup.tar

Disable all plug-ins


Perform the upgrade

Get info on the working copy:

svn info

Perform the actual upgrade, substituting an appropriate value for ${USER}:

sudo -u "${USER}" -H svn switch http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/tags/2.0.4


U    wp-pass.php
U    wp-login.php
U    wp-includes/class-snoopy.php
U    wp-includes/default-filters.php
U    wp-includes/template-functions-general.php
U    wp-includes/wp-db.php
U    wp-includes/functions-formatting.php
U    wp-includes/gettext.php
U    wp-includes/version.php
U    wp-includes/functions-post.php
U    wp-includes/classes.php
U    wp-includes/kses.php
U    wp-includes/pluggable-functions.php
U    wp-includes/comment-functions.php
U    wp-includes/functions.php
U    wp-includes/vars.php
U    wp-includes/streams.php
U    wp-includes/template-functions-author.php
U    xmlrpc.php
U    wp-content/plugins/wp-db-backup.php
U    wp-content/themes/classic/comments-popup.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/footer.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/style.css
U    wp-content/themes/default/archives.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/search.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/index.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/functions.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/sidebar.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/page.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/links.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/archive.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/single.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/comments.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/comments-popup.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/header.php
U    wp-content/themes/default/attachment.php
U    wp-trackback.php
U    wp-settings.php
U    wp-admin/edit-form-advanced.php
U    wp-admin/inline-uploading.php
U    wp-admin/update-links.php
U    wp-admin/users.php
U    wp-admin/edit-comments.php
U    wp-admin/wp-admin.css
A    wp-admin/images/box-butt-left.gif
A    wp-admin/images/box-butt-right.gif
A    wp-admin/images/box-head-left.gif
A    wp-admin/images/box-head-right.gif
A    wp-admin/images/box-bg-left.gif
A    wp-admin/images/box-bg-right.gif
U    wp-admin/link-categories.php
U    wp-admin/plugins.php
U    wp-admin/post.php
U    wp-admin/theme-editor.php
U    wp-admin/upgrade.php
U    wp-admin/admin.php
U    wp-admin/options.php
U    wp-admin/admin-functions.php
U    wp-admin/templates.php
U    wp-admin/edit-page-form.php
U    wp-admin/moderation.php
U    wp-admin/user-edit.php
U    wp-admin/setup-config.php
U    wp-admin/link-manager.php
U    wp-admin/index.php
U    wp-admin/sidebar.php
U    wp-admin/import.php
U    wp-admin/admin-db.php
U    wp-admin/edit-link-form.php
U    wp-admin/edit-pages.php
U    wp-admin/plugin-editor.php
U    wp-admin/import/dotclear.php
U    wp-admin/import/blogger.php
U    wp-admin/import/textpattern.php
U    wp-admin/categories.php
U    wp-admin/themes.php
U    wp-admin/upgrade-schema.php
U    wp-admin/edit-form-comment.php
U    wp-admin/edit-form.php
Updated to revision 4068.

Finally, compare the info on the updated working copy:

svn info

It seems that in this release it is not necessary to hit the upgrade script:


Re-enable all plug-ins

One by one.

See also