UBB.threads to 7.0 upgrade notesEdit


  • Log in to control panel and close board
  • Copy text from control panel, "Display Options", "General", "HTML Includes"
  • Perform backup of database:
mysqldump --opt -u USERNAME -p -h localhost DATABASE_NAME | \
  bzip2 -c > BACKUP_FILE.sql.bz2


  • Create a new database for the new forums:
mysql -u root -p
CREATE DATABASE new_db_name;
GRANT ALL ON new_db_name.* TO 'new_user_name'@'localhost';
SET PASSWORD FOR 'new_user_name'@'localhost' = OLD_PASSWORD('new_password');

(The OLD_PASSWORD trick is necessary because UBB.threads will be connecting to the database using PHP, and the version of PHP on the server is compiled against a pre-4.1 version of the MySQL libraries; see this page on password hashing for more information.)

  • Create new forums directory:
sudo -u WEB_USER mkdir new-forums
sudo -u WEB_USER /bin/echo "Forums currently unavailable while upgrade is in progress" > \
  • Move old forums out-of-the-way:
sudo -u WEB_USER mv forums old-forums
sudo -u WEB_USER mv new-forums forums
  • Install the new forums according to the instructions into new-forums:
sudo -u WEB_USER mkdir new-forums
  • Upload the files into, then set permissions and move new forums into place:
cd new-forums
sudo chmod 777 includes
sudo chmod 666 includes/*
sudo chmod 777 sessions
sudo chmod 777 templates/compile
sudo chmod 777 templates
sudo chmod 777 cache
sudo chmod 777 cache_builders
sudo chmod 777 cache_builders/custom
sudo chmod 666 cache_builders/custom/*
sudo chmod 777 styles
sudo chmod 666 styles/*.php styles/*.css
cd ..
sudo rm -r forums
sudo mv new-forums forums
  • Run the upgrade script at: http://example.com/path_to_forums/install/install.php
  • Use a custom cookie prefix to prevent cookies from other apps (such as Bugzilla) from interfering with the forums.
  • As this is an upgrade installation, do not create an admin user; instead proceed directly to the "Creating your tables" step.


  • Upload importer script
  • Execute in browser
Importing Banned Host: NULL
SQL Error:
SQL Error #: 0
Query: insert into ubbt_BANNED_HOSTS values ( NULL )

On investigation:

mysql> USE old_database_name;
mysql> SELECT * FROM w3t_Banned;
| B_Hostname |
| NULL       |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> delete from w3t_Banned;

Inspection of the threads_import.php script indicated that it would probably be safe to go back and pick up import from where it left off by visiting: http://example.com/path_to_forums/importers/threads_import.php?ubb=extras

Only glitch at end is that I saw some PHP warnings with regard to my open_basedir restriction; may have to disable that for the forums directory.

  • Restore settings not transferred in the import:
    • Master Settings
      • Primary Settings
        • General
        • Censor
          • Enable Censor?: yes
      • Feature Settings
        • General
          • Member List Visibility: No Users
          • Enable "Mail Topic to Friend"?: no
          • Flood Check Time: 60
          • Enable Topic Ratings?: yes
          • Enable Member Ratings?: yes
    • Display Options
      • General
        • Primary
        • Date & Time
          • Default Time Format: d M Y | h:i A
          • Available Time Formats: (add) d M Y | h:i A
    • Membership
      • Registration Settings
        • Basic Options
          • Enable Email Verification?: yes
          • Allow Special Characters in Display Names?: no
          • Board Rules: (update)
        • Registration Screen
          • Add "Show" for:
            • Avatar
            • Accept Private Messages
            • Signature
            • Homepage
            • Occupation
            • Hobbies
            • Location
            • Time Format
            • Time Offset
            • View Signatures
            • Flat or Threaded
            • Topics Per Page
            • Replies Per Page
            • Show Users’s Avatars
            • Email on Private Message Receipt
          • Add "Show & Require" for:
            • Visible on "Who’s Online"
        • Reserved Names: (add) (.*?)wincent(.*?)
  • Customize forum templates to get old "look and feel" back
    • See "Default Header" and "Header Insert" in the "Display Options/General/HTML Includes" section of the control panel.
  • Replace ugly redirect in index.php with immediate (PHP) redirect
  • Apply fix for RSS template bug


Due to permissions errors I’m temporarily turning off PHP Safe Mode within the forums directory and changing the ownership on all files:

cd path_to_forums
sudo chown -R apache_user:apache_group *
  • Drop old database
USE mysql;
DROP DATABASE old_database_name;
DELETE FROM user WHERE User = 'old_username';
DELETE FROM db WHERE Db = 'old_database_name';
  • Remove old forum files
  • Upload redirection scripts so that old links will continue to work
  • Delete importers and install subdirectories