Setting up autotestEdit

An older version of these notes can be found at "Setting up autotest (with ZenTest versions prior to 3.6.0)". These notes apply to ZenTest 3.6.0 or later.

Install autotest

# installation
sudo gem install ZenTest

# update fast documentation index
fastri-server -b

Set up a project for use with autotest

Unlike previous versions of RSpec and ZenTest, as of RSpec 1.0.3 and ZenTest 3.6.0 no special setup is necessary. You can remove any rspec_autotest.rb files that you previously installed (as described in "Setting up autotest (with ZenTest versions prior to 3.6.0)").

The only prerequisite is that your project should use parallel lib and spec folders.

You can start autotest using:



No special tweaks are necessary, unlike in previous versions.

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