Passphrase rotation notesEdit

This probably won’t be of much interest to anybody, but keeping these notes here for my own use. There are a few different passphrases that I may want to rotate from time to time:

  1. 1Password master pass: I found that when I changed this on macOS, the change wasn’t immediately visible on my iOS client, even when I deleted and reinstalled that client. After a few minutes or after entering my passphrase on the Mac again (I’m not sure which one of these was responsible), I was able to log in to the iOS client using the new password.
  2. SSH private key pass: ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/$PRIVATE_KEY_FILE -p
  3. macOS login pass: System Preferences » Users & Groups » Change Password…
  4. Backup volume passphrases:
    • An HFS+ backup volume on a USB stick: Using "Change Password…" in the Disk Utility "File" menu.
    • An AFPS backup volume on an external drive: Using "Change Password…" in the Disk Utility "File" menu.
    • A disk image on disk: hdiutil chpass ~/Backups/$PATH_TO.sparseimage
  5. GPG private keys: gpg --edit-key (at the interactive prompt: passwd, then save).