Migrating the WinSwitch repository from Subversion to GitEdit

Local import

$ cat ~/.svn-authors
wincent = Wincent Colaiuta <win@wincent.com>
$ git svn clone --stdlayout -A ~/.svn-authors svn+ssh://svn.wincent.com/WinSwitch src

Remote configuration

$ cd /pub/git/path_to_public_repos
$ sudo -u git mkdir WinSwitch.git
$ cd WinSwitch.git
$ sudo -H -u git git --bare init
$ sudo -u git touch git-daemon-export-ok
$ echo "Fast User Switching menu replacement for Mac OS X" | sudo -u git tee description
$ echo "WinSwitch.git win@wincent.com" | sudo -u git tee -a /pub/git/conf/gitweb-projects

Initial push

$ git tag -s r77 # tag initial Subversion import, corresponding to revision 77
$ git remote add origin git.wincent.com:/pub/git/path_to_public_repos/WinSwitch.git
$ git config branch.master.remote origin
$ git config branch.master.merge refs/heads/master
$ git push --all
$ git push --tags


You can now create a clone of the repo using:

$ git clone git://git.wincent.com/WinSwitch.git

And you can browse the repo at: http://git.wincent.com/WinSwitch.git

Local cleanup

Seeing as I have no intention of ever committing to the old Subversion repo again, I remove the corresponding configuration to make sure that I never accidentally commit to the old repo:

$ git config --remove-section svn-remote.svn

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