Git cheatsheetEdit

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Pushing matching refs

git push origin :

Retrieving a file from a specific revision

git show <treeish>:filename

For example, if you delete a file in a particular revision, say 3ad8389, and only later discover that you should have kept it, you can get it back with:

git show 3ad8389~1:filename > filename

(ie. show the file as it was in the revision before 3ad8389, where it got deleted.)

Equivalent in this case is:

git checkout 3ad8389~1 -- filename

This just writes the file back out to the working tree without touching the HEAD.

Negative pathspecs

:! (or :^) (source).

Example; examining a diff that contains a bunch of copies and renames as well as abundant changes to "package-lock.json" files:

git diff develop -C10 -M20 -b --find-copies-harder -- ':!*-lock.json'`

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