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Git v1.7.1.1 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.7.1

* Authentication over http transport can now be made lazily, in that the
  request can first go to a URL without username, get a 401 response and
  then the client will ask for the username to use.

* We used to mistakenly think "../work" is a subdirectory of the current
  directory when we are in "../work-xyz".

* The attribute mechanism now allows an entry that uses an attribute
  macro that set/unset one attribute, immediately followed by an
  overriding setting; this makes attribute macros much easier to use.

* We didn't recognize timezone "Z" as a synonym for "UTC" (75b37e70).

* In 1.7.0, read-tree and user commands that use the mechanism such as
  checkout and merge were fixed to handle switching between branches one
  of which has a file while the other has a directory at the same path
  correctly even when there are some "confusing" pathnames in them.  But
  the algorithm used for this fix was suboptimal and had a terrible
  performance degradation especially in larger trees.

* "git am -3" did not show diagnosis when the patch in the message was corrupt.

* After "git apply --whitespace=fix" removed trailing blank lines in an
  patch in a patch series, it failed to apply later patches that depend
  on the presence of such blank lines.

* "git bundle --stdin" segfaulted.

* "git checkout" and "git rebase" overwrote paths that are marked "assume

* "git commit --amend" on a commit with an invalid author-name line that
  lacks the display name didn't work.

* "git describe" did not tie-break tags that point at the same commit
  correctly; newer ones are preferred by paying attention to the
  tagger date now.

* "git diff" used to tell underlying xdiff machinery to work very hard to
  minimize the output, but this often was spending too many extra cycles
  for very little gain.

* "git diff --color" did not paint extended diff headers per line
  (i.e. the coloring escape sequence didn't end at the end of line),
  which confused "less -R".

* "git fetch" over HTTP verifies the downloaded packfiles more robustly.

* The memory usage by "git index-pack" (run during "git fetch" and "git
  push") got leaner.

* "GIT_DIR=foo.git git init --bare bar.git" created foo.git instead of bar.git.

* "git log --abbrev=$num --format='%h' ignored --abbrev=$num.

* "git ls-files ../out/side/cwd" refused to work.

* "git merge --log" used to replace the custom message given by "-m" with
  the shortlog, instead of appending to it.

* "git notes copy" without any other argument segfaulted.

* "git pull" accepted "--dry-run", gave it to underlying "git fetch" but
  ignored the option itself, resulting in a bogus attempt to merge
  unrelated commit.

* "git rebase" did not faithfully reproduce a malformed author ident, that
  is often seen in a repository converted from foreign SCMs.

* "git reset --hard" started from a wrong directory and a working tree in
  a nonstandard location is in use got confused.

* "git send-email" lacked a way to specify the domainname used in the
  EHLO/HELO exchange, causing rejected connection from picky servers.
  It learned --smtp-domain option to solve this issue.

* "git send-email" did not declare a content-transfer-encoding and
  content-type even when its payload needs to be sent in 8-bit.

* "git show -C -C" and other corner cases lost diff metainfo output
  in 1.7.0.

* "git stash" incorrectly lost paths in the working tree that were
  previously removed from the index.

* "git status" stopped refreshing the index by mistake in 1.7.1.

* "git status" showed excess "hints" even when advice.statusHints is set to false.

And other minor fixes and documentation updates.


Changes since v1.7.1 are as follows:

Alexey Mahotkin (1):
     xdiff/xmerge.c: use memset() instead of explicit for-loop

Bert Wesarg (1):
     diff: fix coloring of extended diff headers

Björn Gustavsson (1):
     apply: Allow blank *trailing* context lines to match beyond EOF

Björn Steinbrink (1):
     diff: Support visibility modifiers in the PHP hunk header regexp

Bo Yang (1):
     blame-options.txt: Add default value for `-M/-C` options.

Brandon Casey (1):
     t/t9001: use egrep when regular expressions are involved

Brian Downing (1):
     unpack-trees: Make index lookahead less pessimal

Brian Gernhardt (4):
     send-email: Cleanup { style
     send-email: Don't use FQDNs without a '.'
     Document send-email --smtp-domain
     send-email: Cleanup smtp-domain and add config

Charles Bailey (2):
     stash: Don't overwrite files that have gone from the index
     stash tests: stash can lose data in a file removed from the index

Chris Webb (1):
     exec_cmd.c: replace hard-coded path list with one from <paths.h>

Christian Couder (3):
     diff: fix "git show -C -C" output when renaming a binary file
     commit: use value of GIT_REFLOG_ACTION env variable as reflog message
     Documentation: grep: fix asciidoc problem with --

Clemens Buchacher (7):
     do not overwrite files marked "assume unchanged"
     Documentation: git-add does not update files marked "assume unchanged"
     test get_git_work_tree() return value for NULL
     get_cwd_relative(): do not misinterpret suffix as subdirectory
     setup: document prefix
     quote.c: separate quoting and relative path generation
     ls-files: allow relative pathspec

Dmitry Potapov (1):
     hash_object: correction for zero length file

Gary V. Vaughan (1):
     git-compat-util.h: use apparently more common __sgi macro to detect SGI IRIX

Gerrit Pape (1): properly initialize shell variables

Henrik Grubbström (3):
     attr: Fixed debug output for macro expansion.
     attr: Allow multiple changes to an attribute on the same line.
     attr: Expand macros immediately when encountered.

Ian McLean (1):
     Fix "Out of memory? mmap failed" for files larger than 4GB on Windows

Ian Ward Comfort (1):
     rebase -i: Abort cleanly if new base cannot be checked out

Jakub Narebski (1):
     autoconf: Check if <paths.h> exists and set HAVE_PATHS_H

Jay Soffian (3):
     commit.txt: clarify how --author argument is used
     am: use get_author_ident_from_commit instead of mailinfo when rebasing
     gitweb/Makefile: fix typo in gitweb.min.css rule

Jeff King (7):
     handle "git --bare init <dir>" properly
     docs: clarify meaning of -M for git-log
     remove over-eager caching in sha1_file_name
     pull: do nothing on --dry-run
     commit: give advice on empty amend
     Makefile: default pager on AIX to "more"
     notes: check number of parameters to "git notes copy"

Johannes Sixt (1):
     Thread-safe xmalloc and xrealloc needs a recursive mutex

Jonathan Nieder (25):
     t7006: guard cleanup with test_expect_success
     t5704 (bundle): add tests for bundle --stdin
     fix "bundle --stdin" segfault
     test-lib: Let tests specify commands to be run at end of test
     commit --amend: cope with missing display name
     Documentation/shortlog: scripted users should not rely on implicit HEAD
     t4201 (shortlog): guard setup with test_expect_success
     t4201 (shortlog): Test output format with multiple authors
     shortlog: Document and test --format option
     test-lib: some shells do not let $? propagate into an eval
     cherry-pick: do not dump core when iconv fails
     Documentation/notes: document format of notes trees
     Documentation/notes: describe content of notes blobs
     Documentation/notes: add configuration section
     Documentation/notes: simplify treatment of default notes ref
     Documentation/log: add a CONFIGURATION section
     Documentation/notes: simplify treatment of default display refs
     Documentation/notes: clean up description of rewriting configuration
     Documentation/notes: nitpicks
     post-receive-email: document command-line mode
     Documentation/checkout: clarify description
     gitignore.5: Clarify matching rules
     rebase -i -p: document shortcomings
     Documentation/checkout: clarify description
     add-interactive: Clarify “remaining hunks in the file”

Junio C Hamano (10):
     am -3: recover the diagnostic messages for corrupt patches
     clone: quell the progress report from init and report on clone
     t9129: fix UTF-8 locale detection
     common_prefix: simplify and fix scanning for prefixes
     Prepare draft release notes to
     Update draft release notes to
     tests: remove unnecessary '^' from 'expr' regular expression
     Update draft release notes to
     Update draft release notes to

Leif Arne Storset (1):
     Documentation/config.txt: GIT_NOTES_REWRITE_REF overrides notes.rewriteRef

Marcus Comstedt (1):
     Add "Z" as an alias for the timezone "UTC"

Markus Heidelberg (4):
     t7508: add test for "git status" refreshing the index
     git status: refresh the index if possible
     t7508: add a test for "git status" in a read-only repository
     Documentation: rebase -i ignores options passed to "git am"

Michael J Gruber (10):
     index-pack: fix trivial typo in usage string
     t7508: test advice.statusHints
     wt-status: take advice.statusHints seriously
     Documentation: fix minor inconsistency
     Documentation/gitdiffcore: fix order in pickaxe description
     Documentation/SubmittingPatches: clarify GMail section and SMTP
     completion: --set-upstream option for git-branch
     Makefile: reenable install with NO_CURL
     Documentation/config: describe status.submodulesummary
     Documentation: A...B shortcut for checkout and rebase

Michal Sojka (1): Add explicit license detail, with change from GPLv2 to GPLv2+.

Nazri Ramliy (1):
     Documentation/pretty-{formats,options}: better reference for "format:<string>"

Nicolas Pitre (4):
     Make xmalloc and xrealloc thread-safe
     index-pack: smarter memory usage when resolving deltas
     index-pack: rationalize unpack_entry_data()
     index-pack: smarter memory usage when appending objects

Pete Harlan (1):
     clone: reword messages to match the end-user perception

Peter Collingbourne (4):
     Generalise the unlink_or_warn function
     Implement the rmdir_or_warn function
     Introduce remove_or_warn function
     Remove a redundant errno test in a usage of remove_path

Philippe Bruhat (1): better error message

Ping Yin (1):
     Documentation/git-send-email: Add "Use gmail as the smtp server"

Ramkumar Ramachandra (1):
     SubmittingPatches: Add new section about what to base work on

Ramsay Allan Jones (4):
     Makefile: Fix 'clean' target to remove all gitweb build files
     msvc: Fix some "expr evaluates to function" compiler warnings
     msvc: Fix some compiler warnings
     notes: Initialise variable to appease gcc

René Scharfe (3):
     git diff too slow for a file
     remove ecb parameter from xdi_diff_outf()
     Fix checkout of large files to network shares on Windows XP

Scott Chacon (1):
     Prompt for a username when an HTTP request 401s

Shawn O. Pearce (16):
     tag.c: Correct indentation
     tag.h: Remove unused signature field
     tag.c: Refactor parse_tag_buffer to be saner to program
     tag.c: Parse tagger date (if present)
     describe: Break annotated tag ties by tagger date
     http.c: Remove bad free of static block
     t5550-http-fetch: Use subshell for repository operations
     http.c: Tiny refactoring of finish_http_pack_request
     http.c: Drop useless != NULL test in finish_http_pack_request
     http.c: Don't store destination name in request structures
     http.c: Remove unnecessary strdup of sha1_to_hex result
     Introduce close_pack_index to permit replacement
     Extract verify_pack_index for reuse from verify_pack
     Allow parse_pack_index on temporary files
     http-fetch: Use index-pack rather than verify-pack to check packs
     http-fetch: Use temporary files for pack-*.idx until verified

Sverre Rabbelier (1):
     Gitweb: ignore built file

Tay Ray Chuan (18):
     t5541-http-push: add test for URLs with trailing slash
     http: make end_url_with_slash() public
     remote-curl: ensure that URLs have a trailing slash
     http.c::new_http_pack_request: do away with the temp variable filename
     t7604-merge-custom-message: shift expected output creation
     t7604-merge-custom-message: show that --log doesn't append to -m
     merge: update comment
     merge: rename variable
     fmt-merge-msg: minor refactor of fmt_merge_msg()
     fmt-merge-msg: refactor merge title formatting
     fmt-merge-msg: add function to append shortlog only
     merge: --log appends shortlog to message if specified
     GIT-VERSION-GEN: restrict tags used
     t7502-commit: fix spelling
     show-branch: use DEFAULT_ABBREV instead of 7
     t7502-commit: add tests for summary output
     t7502-commit: add summary output tests for empty and merge commits
     commit::print_summary(): don't use format_commit_message()

Thomas Rast (2):
     t/README: document --root option
     send-email: ask about and declare 8bit mails

Tim Henigan (1):
     Documentation/SubmittingPatches: Fix typo in GMail section

Tor Arntsen (1):
     Change C99 comments to old-style C comments

Will Palmer (1):
     pretty: Respect --abbrev option

Zhang Le (1):
     git-mailinfo documentation: clarify -u/--encoding

bert Dvornik (1):
     start_command: close cmd->err descriptor when fork/spawn fails

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (3):
     Move to lib-*
     Turn setup code in into a test
     notes: Initialize variable to appease Sun Studio

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