Creating Windows installation media on macOSEdit

hdiutil mount Win11_22H2_English_x64v1.iso
brew install wimlib

# Get device name of USB where you want to create the install media.
diskutil list

# Format the media (MBR because can't use GPT on EFI systems).
diskutil eraseDisk MS-DOS 64GBUSB MBR disk5

# Confirm the result.
diskutil list

# Copy everything but the `install.wim` file which is too big for FAT32 filesystem.
rsync -avh --progress --exclude=sources/install.wim /Volumes/CCCOMA_X64FRE_EN-US_DV9/ /Volumes/64GBUSB

# Split `install.wim` into chunks of no more than 4000 MB.
wimlib-imagex split /Volumes/CCCOMA_X64FRE_EN-US_DV9/sources/install.wim /Volumes/64GBUSB/sources/install.swm 4000