Chrome developer console cheatsheetEdit

  • time('foo') and timeEnd('foo'): print elapsed time
  • keys(window): shows current global variables (source)
  • $_: the value of the most recently evaluated expression
  • $0-$4: recently selected DOM elements or JavaScript objects
  • $(...): equivalent to document.querySelector()
  • $$(...): equivalent to document.querySelectorAll()
  • $x(...): get elements specified by XPath expression
  • clear(): clear the console (also, Command-K or Control-L)
  • copy(object): copy a string representation of object to the clipboard
  • debug(fn): break into debugger when fn is called
  • dir(object): alias for console.dir() (also, not that %0 can be used as a format specifier to inline the dir() representation in the middle of a console.log())
  • inspect(object): show an object in the "Elements" tab
  • getEventListeners(object): does what it says on the tin
  • keys(object) and values(object)
  • monitorEvents(object[, events]) and unmonitorEvents(object[, events]): logs events (eg. monitorEvents(window, "resize")); note there are some aliases defined as well (eg. "mouse", "key", "touch", "control") that stand in for multiple underlying events
  • profile(name), profileEnd(name): start/stop a JavaScript profiling session

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