Backup strategy (2017)Edit

Current backup targets

  • Arq backups of my personal files to:
    • AWS.
  • SuperDuper! backups to encrypted external drive.
  • Critical files backed up to multiple, encrypted USB drives.

I’ve now reduced the number of Arq backup targets from 4 to 1, and added SuperDuper! back into the rotation due to concerns about putting too many eggs in the Arq basket (Arq has saved my hide on two occasions now, but I still run into bugs and have complaints about the UX, in addition to some of the grave concerns raised here; basically, you could say that Arq — like democracy — is the worst possible backup solution out there, except all other backup solutions). Fast external hard drives are really tiny now and don’t need separate power supplies, so I feel pretty ok about adding back the hardware requirement that I had previously liberated myself of.

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