Why are there 2 floaters when using Synergy (Mac Lion)

  1. anonymous

    Been using this program since 2007 and I'm a big fan. Have made a number of friends users as well. I just upgraded from my old MacBook Pro to a new one running Lion. I am using version 4.5.2 (ee01eb8) and everything seems to function properly except one minor thing.

    How come when I switch songs 2 floaters appear with the track name and album cover. When I switch songs, a second smaller floater pops up into the top right of my screen. I can not move or modify this one. How can I get rid of this one and only see the one that I typical like to see?

    I searched everywhere and even reverted back to default to see if it would go away. Nothing has helped so far. Any feedback or tips would be appreciated.


  2. Greg Hurrell

    The second one of which you speak is probably provided by Growl, and can be turned off in the Growl preference pane in the System Preferences.

  3. anonymous

    Thanks for the reply. I found it and fixed it like 2 minutes ago. I wanted to get back on here to let everyone know that it was Growl.

    I think it automatically installed from my CS5 install.

    Thanks again.


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