Synergy Advance 0.4 beta 3

A new beta release of Synergy Advance has been seeded to beta testers, fixing the failure to launch problems (bug #387 and #389). Thank you to those beta testers who helped to confirm the existence and nature of the problem.

Barring any unforeseen problems, I expect this to be the final beta release. The next release will be a release candidate and if all goes well it will be declared final and a major public preview release will take place shortly. The major changes to the program internals (as described here) are now finished and this lays the way for future, feature-oriented releases, which I know are what users most appreciate.

Note that this is a limited seed release and that nondisclosure (confidentiality) provisions apply. The build is not for public discussion or redistribution, but membership in the beta program is open to anyone who is interested. I am also happy to provide a complimentary Synergy license on request to any beta tester that purchases a Synergy Advance license. For more information on participating, see the previous (detailed) announcement to the beta testers mailing list, the "Information for beta testers" page, the "How to file a good bug report" article, the full changelog and the downloads page. See the purchasing, donation or sponsorship pages if you’d like to support further development.