New wiki

The new wiki is the first part of the updated site that’s ready for action. All — well, almost all — of the content has been migrated across from the wiki on the old server. You can view it by clicking the "Wiki" link in the navigation bar that you see across the top of every page.

In addition, a static mirror of the pages on the old MediaWiki installation can be found here. Being a static mirror, all of the dynamic links are inactive and the search box now depends on Google. And as I write this, Google hasn’t yet noticed the domain and started indexing it, so perhaps the most useful page of all for finding pages on the static mirror is the "All pages" listing.

If you compare any given page on the static mirror with the corresponding page in the new wiki you’ll see that the export/import worked fairly well. Here’s an example article selected at random:

This is largely due to the fact that the wikitext markup used by the new website is almost identical to that used by MediaWiki. There are some minor glitches on some of the pages and the old MediaWiki categories don’t always translate very well into "Web 2.0"-style tags, but on the whole the wiki migration went very well. If you spot a problem with an article please let me know at and I’ll get it sorted out.