Leopard product readiness

With Leopard only 15 hours from release it’s time for a product status report:


The following products have received extensive testing on pre-release versions of Leopard and are expected to work with a high degree of compatibility. When Apple ships the final version to developers further testing will be performed to see if any further changes are required:

  • Synergy: the lightweight, robust, and feature-packed iTunes controller.
  • Install: simple and dependable installation solution for developers.
  • WOTest: open source Objective-C unit testing framework.
  • Wincent Strings Utility: open source localization helper tool for developers.

This product hasn’t been heavily tested with Leopard but conflicting reports have been received that it continues to work under the new operating system; others report that they’ve been unable to install it. When the Leopard final arrives further investigation will be undertaken.

  • WinSwitch: Fast User Switching menu replacement.
Coming soon

These products aren’t yet Leopard-ready but work is well on the way to completion (about 90% done) and so I hope to release Leopard-compatible versions within the next two to three weeks:


The status of the following product on Leopard is unknown:

  • atosym: Address-to-symbol conversion aid for programmers.
All other products

There are a number of other products which aren’t specifically tied to the Mac OS X platform, and so should work on Leopard just as they did under Tiger:

  • Bansshee: protection against SSH dictionary attacks.
  • Walrus: object-oriented templating system written in Ruby.