Involuntary Reboot log #6

This time it was my fault, kind of. Trying to do some low-level Mach stuff to work around a bug in Mac OS X, I ran into a different bug in Mac OS X, and this one was enough to cause a kernel panic. From a regular unprivileged process. Ouch. A strong deterrent from continuing that line of development…

Involuntary reboot stats to date
  • Operating system version: 10.4.8
  • Kernel panics: 6
  • Hard resets: 0
  • Total failures: 6
  • Start of recording keeping: 21 May 2006
  • Total days to date: 156 days
  • Average time between failures: 26 days
  • Uptime at moment of failure(s): Several days

As per usual I used the interactive Ruby interpreter, irb, to do the date calculations for me:

require 'date'
today =
start =, 5, 21)
today - start
156 / 6