Change of email address

At the end of June this year I will be changing my email address. I wanted to post this article to give people plenty of notice. I’m doing this for two reasons.

Firstly, because my old address,, has been plastered all over the Internet for about 7 years now and it attracts a fair amount of spam. Even with good filtering, the quantity is annoying because I still have to scan the filtered mail for false positives.

Secondly, I registered in 1999 but since obtaining (not sure exactly when, I think it was in 2002 or 2003) I have gradually been moving more and more aspects of my business over to the dot-com domain. It makes sense that outgoing mail should come from dot-com and not dot-org.

So until the end of June this year I will continue to accept delivery at the old address. After that I will probably start bouncing mail and including the URL for the contact form in the bounce message.

Effective immediately, all outgoing email will be coming from the new address. The new address is the same as the old address, except it’s dot-com rather than dot-org. An updated copy of my PEM email certificate (encryption and signature verification) has been added to this page.