Bugzilla's future

I think this bug is a typical indication that Bugzilla’s days a numbered, despite the fact that it was once "the" bug-tracking king and is still "the" bug tracker used by many enormously popular software projects (like lots of Linux distros, Open Office and myriad other open source projects):

It’s coming up to the 10 year mark since this bug was created…

And the bug is still marked as "NEW".

That particular issue linked to above isn’t the reason why I dropped Bugzilla in favor of my own custom issue tracker built on Rails — my main concerns were ease of use and better integration with the other parts of the site — but I think that that ticket is a good example of the glacial pace at which Bugzilla is evolving. The competitors are too numerous, too innovative and too agile for Bugzilla to rest on its laurels, much like Subversion’s distributed competitors (and Git more than all the others combined) are dancing circles around it while Subversion lumbers forward like a sleepy bear struggling to wake up from hibernation.

I would say that Bugzilla needs to do something or die, but it clearly already is dying and it’s only a matter of time before it fades away into obsolescence.