tmux cheatsheetEdit

Not a comprehensive cheatsheet, but stuff that I keep forgetting and want to remember:


  • [prefix] C-o: rotate windows within the current pane
  • [prefix] {: swap pane (to the left)
  • [prefix] }: swap pane (to the right)
  • [prefix] ": vertical split (I have this remapped to [prefix] | and [prefix] \ for convenience)
  • [prefix] %: horizontal split (I have this mapped to [prefix] - for convenience)


  • :clear-history: clear scrollback buffer of currently selected pane
  • :break-pane: break current pane into a new window
  • :join-pane -t [window]: inverse of :break-pane


Go back to previous layout

Move current window to the left/right =

  • :swap-window -t +1: move to the right
  • :swap-window -t -1: move to the left

Swap the current window with another

  • :swap-window -t N: swaps current window with window at N
  • :swap-window -s N -t M: swaps window at M with window at N

Jump to previous/next window =

  • :previous-window or [prefix] p
  • :next-window or [prefix] n

I wanted to be super clever here and make use of, say [prefix] [ and [prefix] ] to echo the familiar shortcuts for jumping between tabs, but that would class with the standard bindings for entering copy mode and pasting.

I considered instead binding to [prefix] C-[ and [prefix] C-], but is too subtle and close to the copy mode bindings, making it easy to do the wrong thing. Oh well.


  • :set -w synchronize-panes on: send same input to all visible panes (except panes in a separate mode).