rails.vim cheatsheetEdit

Find a file (with tab completion)

  • :Rfind PostsController
  • :Rfind models/article

Goto file under cursor

  • gf (opens in current window)
  • CTRL-W_f (opens in split)

Editing "alternate" files

"Alternate" files are usually specs, and their corresponding file:

  • :A (edit alternate file)
  • :AS (in split)
  • :AV (in vertical split)

Editing "related" files

"Related" files are things like view templates and controllers:

  • :R (edit related file)
  • :RS (in split)
  • :RV (in vertical split)

Summary of "alternate" and "related" files

  • in a model the "alternate" is the spec and the "related" is the schema
  • in a controller (method) the "alternate" is the spec and the "related" is the view
  • in a view the "alternate" is the spec and the "related" is the controller (method)

Less frequently used are:

  • in a migration the "alternate" is the previous migration and the "related" is the next migration
  • in config/database.yml the "alternate" is config/routes.rb and the "related" is config/environments/*.rb

Explicit jumping commands

These all have tab completion, reasonable defaults, and variants for opening in splits (:RS...) and vertical splits (:RV...):

  • :Rcontroller
  • :Renvironment
  • :Rfixtures
  • :Rhelper
  • :Rjavascript
  • :Rlayout
  • :Rlib
  • :Rmailer
  • :Rmigration
  • :Rmodel
  • :Robserver
  • :Rtask
  • :Rview
  • :Rspec

Rake integration

  • :Rake {task}

The default is to run the spec for the file in the current buffer. (In practice not really very usable because for long-running specs you lose control of Vim for the duration.)