Working with GitHub pull requests from the command lineEdit

Dealing with a pull request from a deleted repo

Scenario: Somebody submits a pull request and then deletes their fork.

You can’t add their fork as a remote and pull their code that way. The simplest way to get the commit (if the PR consists of a single commit) is:

$ git checkout -b gh/pull/48
$ curl -L | git am

Note the use of -L, which causes curl to follow redirects.

Using git hub

I made a git hub command (source here) that provides the following subcommands:

git hub get <pr>        [fetch a PR to a local branch]
git hub link [pr]       [show web URL for PR]
git hub merge [pr]      [merge a PR]
git hub ls              [list open PRs]
git hub show <pr>       [show a PR on standard out]

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