Wincent's disk volumesEdit

Current layout

  • External 250GB FireWire disk:
    • Clon: 150GB. Originally a daily backup of the (internal) startup volume; became principal boot disk when the internal drive failed. Mac OS X Leopard install.
    • Egipto: 22GB. Mac OS X Tiger install. Used for building older versions of software that require the 10.2.8 SDK (which is not available on Leopard); examples include the Synergy 3.2/3.4 stable series.
    • Frontera: 60GB. Formerly used for trying out pre-release versions of Mac OS X (Leopard at the time), but changed to backup duty when the internal drive failed.
  • External 500GB FireWire disk:
    • Bree: 155GB. Up until end of August 2009 used as a daily backup of "Clon" (Mac OS X Leopard startup disk). From end of August 2009 onwards used as Mac OS X Snow Leopard boot disk. Once migration to Snow Leopard is complete "Clon" will most likely be repurposed as a backup disk for "Bree".
    • Weathertop: 310GB. Server backup and some "overflow" files which didn’t fit elsewhere.

Plan post-August 2009

Once the migration to Snow Leopard is complete, "Clon" will probably go back to backup duty (as mentioned above) and that means I won’t have a Leopard install anywhere. If necessary I can convert "Weathertop" into a Leopard install (for testing/building purposes). There are very few products that need the 10.2.8 SDK right now, so "Egipto" will probably eventually be retired and go to backup duty, although right now there is no compelling need for more backups.