UBB.threads 7.0 to 7.0.1 upgrade notesEdit

  • In control panel, close the forums
  • Backup database
  • Backup installed files
  • Upload all files/folders except for the includes, styles and cache_builders/custom directories.

In reality, this step wasn’t so easy as I was prevented performing the upload due to permissions errors. I then tried manually deleting the old files but was again thwarted by permissions errors. Finally, I had to SSH into the server and remove the directories using root privileges.

cd path_to_UBB_install
sudo rm -rf admin images languages libs scripts templates ubb_js
sudo rm cache_builders/*.php

I also had to temporarily relax the permissions of the installation directory in order for the upload to succeed:

sudo chmod 777 .

These problems are all caused by the fact that UBB.threads does not play nicely with PHP’s Safe Mode. This is partly PHP’s fault (the design limitations of Safe Mode) and partly the fault of UBB.Threads (failure to work around the limitations of Safe Mode.

So after uploading it is necessary to re-establish the ownership and permissions to how UBB.Threads wants them:

sudo chmod 755 .
sudo chmod 777 includes
sudo chmod 666 includes/*
sudo chmod 777 sessions
sudo chmod 777 templates/compile
sudo chmod 777 templates
sudo chmod 777 cache
sudo chmod 777 cache_builders
sudo chmod 777 cache_builders/custom
sudo chmod 666 cache_builders/custom/*
sudo chmod 777 styles
sudo chmod 666 styles/*.php styles/*.css
sudo chown -R apache_user:apache_group *
  • Run the upgrade script install/upgrade.php from within the browser
  • Remove the install directory from the server
sudo rm -rf install
  • Open the forums again

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