Setting up backup (mirror) repositories on GitoriousEdit

For the impatient

Once the initial set-up is done, it’s a simple matter of:

cd /path/to/repo
sudo -u $GIT_USER git remote add --mirror gitorious$GITORIOUS_PROJECT/$GITORIOUS_REPO

# either wait for the cron job to propagate the changes, or...
sudo -u $GIT_USER -s -H
git push gitorious


Most of the set-up is described in "Setting up backup (mirror) repositories on GitHub". I’m using the same public key that I described on that page under "Setting up a private/public key pair".

I also added a block like this to my ~/.ssh/config; it’s not strictly necessary but I think it’s nice to be explicit:

  IdentityFile /path/to/git/home/.ssh/id_dsa
  User git

With this set-up in place you have the option of specifying the repository using:

Instead of the longer:

Creating the new repository on Gitorious

  1. Click on the "All Projects" link
  2. Click the "Create a New Project" button
  3. Enter:
    1. Title (for example "WOHotKey")
    2. Slug (for example "wohotkey")
    3. Categories (for example "objective-c mac-os-x")
    4. License (for example "BSD License")
    5. Home URL (for example,
    6. Bugtracker URL (for example,
  4. Disable the wiki
  5. Provide a Description (for example, "Mirror of the official WOHotKey repository at")
  6. Click on "Create project"

Now create a new repository:

  1. Fill in:
    1. Name (for example, "WOHotKey")
    2. Description (for example, "Mirror of the official WOHotKey repository at")