Renewing Mail certificates in Mac OS XEdit

Comodo (new procedure)

Thawte (old procedure)

Note: these notes were made back when Thawte used to give out free personal e-mail certificates, and they pulled the plug in late 2009. Comodo seems to have taken up the slack.

These are notes made while renewing my Mail certificates.

  • Using Firefox, go to:
  • From the "quick login" pop-up, choose "Personal E-Mail Certificates"
  • Enter your username (your email address) and password (previously used when obtaining initial certificate)
  • Once logged in, click on "certificates" (
  • Click on "view certificate status" (
  • Click on "request another" (
  • Under "X.509 Format Certificates" click the "request" button
  • Select "Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird, Netscape Communicator/Messenger" and click the "request" button
  • Click the "next" button
  • Select your email address from the list and click the "next" button
  • Click the "next" button
  • In the "Accept Default Extensions" section click the "accept" button
  • Select a 2048 bit key and click the "next" button
  • Click the "finish" button
  • Go back to the certificate manager page (
  • Once the certificate "Status" shows as "issued" click on the "Navigator" link
  • Click the "fetch" button; Firefox should show a sheet confirming that the certificate has been installed
  • Go to the Firefox preferences
  • In the section, "Avanzado", choose "Cifrado" (this is in Spanish; I imagine that in the English version it will be "Advanced" and "Encryption" or similar)
  • Click on the button "Ver certificados" (probably "View certificates")
  • Select the appropriate certificate and press "Copia de seguridad" ("Backup")
  • Delete the exported certificate from the Firefox certificate manager
  • Quit Firefox
  • Drag the exported p12 certificate to the Keychain Access application
  • Add it to the appropriate keychain; in my case I use a separate keychain for storing email certificates
  • Enter the password used when exporting the certificate, and the password for the keychain
  • Delete the p12 file

Repeat for any other email addresses.

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