Preparing a new release of Wincent Strings Utility for releaseEdit

This example uses version 1.1; change the version numbers as appropriate.

1. Clean up trunk directory into its final state.

2. Commit trunk.

3. Use SmartSVN to create new tag (1.1, 1.2 etc) in repository based on trunk.

4. Use SmartSVN to update approach branch in the repository (1.x, 2.x etc) based on trunk.

5. "Clean all" in Xcode.

6. "Build" in Xcode.

7. Export a clean copy of the source tree:

svn export svn:// wincent-strings-util-1.1

8. Copy the freshly built executable into the exported source tree:

cp trabajo/build/Release/wincent-strings-util \

9. Zip the source tree:

zip -r wincent-strings-util-1.1

10. Upload zip to server along with updated webpages.

11. Update download.php to point at the new version and upload.

12. Submit notification to VersionTracker, MacUpdate.

13. Post announcements to announcements lists.

14. Post announcement to

15. Post announcement to

16. There is no step 16.