ParseTree 2.0.0Edit

The new version of ParseTree, ParseTree 2.0.0, was released on 1 August 2007.


  • 2 major enhancements:
    • Rewrite methods completely rewritten. Rewriters:
      • are no longer recursive.
      • are no longer required to empty the sexp coming in.
      • are depth first, so rewriter gets passed everything already normalized.
      • keep rewriting until type doesn’t change.
      • are magical goodness.
    • Added UnifiedRuby module to aid others in writing clean SexpProcessors:
      • bmethod/dmethod/fbody unified with defn
        • fcall/vcall unified with call
        • resbody unified with itself (lots of different forms)
  • 5 minor enhancements:
    • Add #modules to Module.
    • Add Sexp::for shortcut for Sexp.from_array ParseTree.translate(…).
    • Add parens for :block nodes as appropriate. May be overzealous.
    • Made add_to_parse_tree global for reuse by other C extensions.
    • Made test_ruby2ruby MUCH more rigorous with circular testing.
  • 6 bug fixes:
    • Added $TESTING = true to pt_testcase.rb. OOPS!
    • Fixed some circular bugs, mostly by hacking them out, wrt operator precidence.
    • Fixed splat arg processing when arg has no name.
    • Fixed trinary operator.
    • Fixed BMETHOD with no arguments.
    • Removed hacky "self." thing for defs at top level PT use.

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