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Movable Type is a widely used weblog application (described by the makers as a "Blogging Platform"). It was initially open source, free, and very popular. It played a large role in popularizing weblogging. It has since then taken an increasingly commercial tone and estranged many formerly loyal fans, many of whom have flocked in droves to the free and open WordPress. In the meantime Six Apart, the company behind Movable Type, orients itself further and further towards "Enterprise" and corporate customers because that’s where the money is, and the usability, usefulness, and level of interest of their site has spiralled downwards as a result.

Blogging Platforms for Small Businesses, Enterprises & Publishers

Nevertheless, in recent times it appears that Six Apart has taken steps to address its image problem with formerly loyal fans, and now actively promotes the free (non-commercial use) version of Movable Type (identical to the commercial-use version but under a free-of-charge license) and provides unrestricted downloads (no longer any need to jump through hoops in order to download even the free version of the software).

I used to use Movable Type to power a number of sections on my website — my news pages, my personal weblog, my SCM commit log, and others — before switching to a custom weblog built on Rails.

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