Migration status (2010)Edit

This page is a migration checksheet where I am keeping notes on the status of the server move from INetU to AWS. It is based on the similar page that I made two years ago for the Rackspace-to-INetU migration ("Migration status (2008)").


  • all domains and subdomains switched to new servers; TODO: inspect with dig and possibly dnswalk to confirm that everything is correct


  • active accounts and aliases transferred; tests show that incoming and outgoing mail is working on both the general purpose and the Rails instance



Note that those pages actually redirect to www.wincent.com, something which is required now that Apache is running on an entirely different machine now from the rest of the site and therefore needs a different domain name.

Dynamic "placeholders"

Formerly dynamic parts of the site which either have been migrated over to the new Rails-based site or have static placeholders in place.

Static content

Dynamic pages

Protected pages

Special pages

  • Product activation: working
  • Automated license code mailing at purchase time: working

Redirects and aliases

These redirects take you from HTTP URLs to HTTPS ones where appropriate:

Directory indices

These directories should allow index listings: