List of wiki redirectsEdit

I currently abuse wiki links throughout the site as a means of quickly inserting shortcuts to key pages.

For example, when I type [[ticket]], that creates a link to the wiki page,, which is set up to redirect to the "new ticket" page at So in essence, it’s just laziness so that I don’t have to type [/issues/new ticket].

In reality, typing [/issues/new ticket] isn’t so bad. But that’s something I couldn’t do until Wikitext version 1.4.0; prior to that I had to use full URLs ([ ticket]). That was cumbersome and also caused inappropriate "external link" icons to appear next to all such links.

This page exists to serve as a reminder of which wiki article titles are currently being "abused" in this way.

Redirects within this application

Redirects to parts of the old site

Redirects to external sites

I normally don’t redirect to external sites, preferring instead to link to a wiki page where I can add comments and other annotations in addition to a link to the external site (example: Subversion).

There is currently one exception; as my childhood friend Sho needs no introduction, the Sho Fukamachi page redirects to directly.