Installing Git on CentOS 5.8Edit

On CentOS I install into my home directory:

$ cd path/to/local/clone/of/git.git
$ git fetch
$ git tag -v v1.7.11.3
$ git checkout v1.7.11.3
$ NO_GETTEXT=1 NO_TCLTK=1 make prefix=$HOME install quick-install-man

Note: the quick-install-man target requires a copy of the git-manpages repo to be cloned, without an explicit .git extension, at the same level as the checkout of git.git. In order to get the latest man pages I had to manually fetch and checkout the latest HEAD of the git-manpages repo.

Also note that the default MANPATH_MAP settings in /etc/man.config won’t work, because the git executable is at ~/bin/git, but the man pages are at ~/share/man instead of the expected ~/man. The solution for this is to simply make a symlink at ~/man which points at ~/share/man.