Installing Capistrano 2.2.0 on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow LeopardEdit

Why we need Capistrano 2.2.0

Snow Leopard comes with version 2.5.2 of Capistrano, but version 2.2.0 is the last know-working version of Capistrano for me (successive versions included enough pointless code-churn to break deployment) so I froze my old Capistrano install at 2.2.0.


$ sudo gem install --version 2.2.0 capistrano
Successfully installed capistrano-2.2.0
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for capistrano-2.2.0...
Installing RDoc documentation for capistrano-2.2.0...

Running cap, however, will cause the later version to be used.

$ cap --version
Capistrano v2.5.2

Short term solution

The older version must be explicitly targeted like this:

$ cap _2.2.0_ --version
Capistrano v2.2.0

Long term solution

Replace use of Capistrano with something non-brittle. Even a hand-coded shell-script would be better. Wish noted in feature request #1376.