Installing Bansshee on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3Edit

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Installing the latest source code from the Git repository

$ git clone git://
$ cd bansshee
$ sudo make install

Testing required dependencies

$ perl -c /usr/local/sbin/bansshee
Can't locate Proc/ in @INC
$ sudo -H cpan Proc::Daemon
$ perl -c /usr/local/sbin/bansshee 
Can't locate File/ in @INC
$ sudo -H cpan File::Tail
$ perl -c /usr/local/sbin/bansshee 
/usr/local/sbin/bansshee syntax OK

Setting up iptables

First, customize firewall rules as desired (beyond the scope of this document) in /etc/sysconfig/iptables.

Start iptables:

$ sudo service iptables start

Set up iptables to automatically launch at boot time:

$ sudo chkconfig iptables on

Setting up Bansshee configuration and support files

See the contrib directory for support files specific to RHEL 5.3.