Folding in VimEdit


  • :set foldmethod=indent: turn on indentation-based folding
  • :set foldmethod=syntax: turn on syntax-based folding
  • :set foldmethod=manual: turn on manual folding (the default)
  • zj: move down to next fold
  • zk: move up to previous fold
  • zo: open fold at cursor
  • zO: open all folds at cursor (recursively)
  • zc: close current fold
  • zC: close all folds
  • za: toggle fold at cursor
  • zA: toggle all folds
  • zm: increase fold level by one (mnemonic: "[m]ore folds")
  • zM: increase fold level to maximum, closing all folds
  • zr: reduce fold level by one (mnemonic: "[r]educe folds")
  • zR: reduce fold level to zero, opening and removing all folds
  • zd: delete fold at cursor
  • zi: enable/disable folding (same as :set foldenable or :set nofoldenable)


set foldmethod=syntax " local to window
set foldlevel=1       " local to window
set foldlevelstart=1  " global

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