Fixing the baseline on the Consolas font on OS XEdit

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I was mortified this evening to discover that after reading the "Fonts" section of the iTerm 2 documentation:

One non-recommended font is Consolas. It has an improperly set baseline offset and appears too high. It can be fixed, though; please see this page on how to fix Consolas baseline.

I couldn’t look at Consolas without being painfully aware of the hitherto unnoticed baseline flaw. Oddly, the flaw in the font isn’t visible in

Getting things working was suprisingly easy, once the link to the download page started working and I was able to get a Universal Binary of the ftxdumperfuser tool. (I’d been able to find an older download, but the binary was PPC-only; the Universal version came as part of a package labelled "OS X Font Tools Release 4, beta 1".)


  1. Copy Microsoft Consolas files from /Library/Fonts/Microsoft/ to a working area
  2. Repair font files using ftxdumperfuser (described below)
  3. Remove old Consolas files
  4. Install new (repaired) files by double-clicking

The exact edits to be made with ftxdumperfuser are as follows:


This needs to be done for each family:

$ ftxdumperfuser -h # see available commands
$ ftxdumperfuser -t hhea -A d Consolas.ttf
$ ftxdumperfuser -t hhea -A d Consolas\ Bold\ Italic.ttf
$ ftxdumperfuser -t hhea -A d Consolas\ Bold.ttf
$ ftxdumperfuser -t hhea -A d Consolas\ Italic.ttf
$ vim # do the edits
$ ftxdumperfuser -t hhea -A f Consolas.ttf
$ ftxdumperfuser -t hhea -A f Consolas\ Bold\ Italic.ttf
$ ftxdumperfuser -t hhea -A f Consolas\ Bold.ttf
$ ftxdumperfuser -t hhea -A f Consolas\ Italic.ttf