Fixing Synergy login problemsEdit

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The number one Synergy support issue is the failure of the "Launch at login" checkbox to work.

If you are seeing this issue the most likely explanation is that your login items are out of date or have a stale entry. You can force a refresh by:

  1. Unchecking the "Launch at login" checkbox in the Synergy preferences
  2. Clicking "Apply"
  3. Rechecking the "Launch at login" checkbox in the Synergy preferences
  4. Clicking "Apply"

If you still are seeing the issue after performing these steps there are a couple of other things you can consider:

Firstly, if your are running on a very small screen and there is no room on the menu bar for Synergy’s control buttons then you may think it is not running even when it is.

Alternatively, you may have your preferences set so that Synergy won’t show anything in the menu bar if iTunes is not running.

Finally, you may have a glitch local to your system that explains the issue, in which case you should go through the basic troubleshooting tips described here. In general following those tips should clean up or identify any anomalies.