Copying local file hierarchies using rsyncEdit


$ rsync -avhW --progress some_dir/ some_dest/


  • -a: archive mode, same as -rlptgoD
    • -r: recurse into directories
    • -l: copy symlinks as symlinks
    • -p: preserve permissions
    • -t: preserve times
    • -g: preserve group
    • -o: preserve owner (may require sudo)
    • -D: same as --devices and --specials
      • --devices: preserve device files (may require sudo)
      • --specials: preserve "special" files (eg. named sockets, fifos)
  • -v: verbose
  • -h: "human-readable" units
  • -W: copy whole files at a time (avoid overhead of rsync diff algorithm)
  • --progress: show progress during transfer