ClamAV 0.88.5 to 0.88.6 upgrade notesEdit

For more details about the nature and purpose of the various steps, see ClamAV 0.88.4 to 0.88.5 upgrade notes.

tar xzvf clamav-0.88.6.tar.gz
cd clamav-0.88.6
./configure --sysconfdir=/etc
make check
sudo cp /etc/freshclam.conf /etc/freshclam.conf.old
sudo cp /etc/clamd.conf /etc/clamd.conf.old
diff contrib/init/RedHat/clamd /etc/init.d/clamd
sudo make install
whereis freshclam
sudo freshclam -v
sudo freshclam
sudo service clamd restart
sudo service --status-all | grep clamd
cd /etc
diff freshclam.conf freshclam.conf.old
diff clamd.conf clamd.conf.old