Capybara 0.3.0Edit

From the official release announcement:

Announcing the first "beta" release of Capybara.

Not only are there numerous improvements in edge cases for forms,
links, fields and all that, but there are some awesome new features

* Capybara now automatically waits for asynchronous JavaScript to
finish doing it's thing. This feature essentially means that you'll
hardly ever need to worry about asynchronous processes messing up your
tests. See the section in the README for more details.
* Improved webrat compatibility, including the much requested
current_url method, and ability to select fields by name.
* celerity driver for JRuby fans
* response headers for drivers that support it (not on selenium yet,
* Ruby 1.9 compatibility (kinda)
* Capybara.app_host make it possible to run against a remote server

And much more!

A huge thank you to the many contributors! Without you, this wouldn't
have been possible!


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