Bugzilla 2.22 to 2.22.1 upgrade notesEdit

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Upgrade procedure

These notes were made during the upgrade from Bugzilla 2.22 to 2.22.1:

  • Run sanitycheck.cgi from within the browser.
  • In the "Parameters" section set shutdownhtml to a useful value:
Currently closed for maintenance, please check back again soon.
  • Back up the database:
sudo -s
mysqldump -u root -p database_name > bugzilla-20061016.sql
  • Back up the installed files:
mkdir bugzilla-backup
cd path_to_bugzilla_installation
tar cf - . | (cd full_path_to_backup_directory && tar xBf -)
  • Perform the actual update using CVS (CVS password is "anonymous"):
cvs login
cvs update -rBugzilla_Stable -dP
  • Watch for conflicts during update; in the current case the following conflicts were reported:
Merging differences between 1.40 and into header.html.tmpl
rcsmerge: warning: conflicts during merge
cvs update: conflicts found in template/en/default/global/header.html.tmpl
  • Fix conflicts; in the example case:
cd template/en/default/global
cvs status header.html.tmpl
# (shows "File had conflicts on merge")
nano header.html.tmpl
cvs status header.html.tmpl
# (shows "Locally modified")
cd ../../../..
  • Remove auxiliary files created due to the merge conflict:
find . -name "\.#*" -and -type f
find . -name "\.#*" -and -type f -exec rm "{}" \;

Or more conservatively:

find . -name "\.#*" -and -type f -ok rm "{}" \;
  • Run checksetup.pl from the command line.
  • Use my custom repair-bugzilla.sh to repair the ownership and permissions on the installed files.
  • In the "Parameters" section empty the shutdownhtml field; in order to get there you need explicitly navigate to editparams.cgi and log in.
  • Run sanitycheck.cgi from within the browser.
  • Test the installation.
  • Remove backup files:
sudo rm -r full_path_to_backup_directory
sudo rm full_path_to_database_dumpfile

Future improvements

This process could be largely automated via a shell script.

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