Ansible gotchasEdit

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Adding a changed_when to a script means that non-zero exit codes are not considered a failure

You need to add an explicit failed_when as well:

- name: mysql | upgrade database
  register: result
  changed_when: '"no change" not in result.stdout'
  failed_when: 'result.rc != 0'
  sudo: yes
  notify: mysql | restart

Role dependencies may run multiple times

Force them to run once only with an explicit set_fact guard clause:

# Make sure we only run once, even when multiple roles depend on us.
- include: base.yml
  when: git_repo_role_done is not defined

- set_fact: git_repo_role_done=true

sudo, become_user and friends may not work with the script module

Reported here.

For now, the workaround is to inline your sudo calls inside the scripts.