Levitating text in floater

  1. anonymous

    I have recently been experiencing a weird problem. The text in the floater is raised up, so that everything is higher in the window than it should be. The top line actually gets cut off by the top of the floater window. This is not only affecting Synergy. All the search windows (finder, itunes, etc.) also show this. The problem seems most severe in Synergy, though. Any suggestions?

    P.S. Don't worry about those people whining about the album cover thing. They make it sound like the only thing Synergy does is display a slideshow of your albums. IT'S ABOUT THE MUSIC! Keep up the good work.

    15" 1.25Ghz PB running 10.3.1

  2. Greg Hurrell

    Weird. Perhaps you could attach a screenshot and provide some information about your system configuration?

    Given that the problem extends beyond Synergy, there is probably nothing I can do to fix it, but it is still an interesting problem!


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