Synergy Advance Public Preview Release 0.1.2

  1. Greg Hurrell

    A new public preview release is out with a few new features and bug fixes:

    The first two public preview releases have been quite successful. Thanks to everybody who submitted bug reports; they really help improve the quality of the software.

    I wanted to do this 0.1.2 release quickly to fix a key issue with the activation process that was recently reported (bug #228); it is very, very important that the activation process be quick and painless, and this release corrects the only known issue with the system. It only affected two users but I wanted the fix out there straight away so I decided to do a 0.1.2 release rather than waiting for 0.2 later this month as I had originally planned.

    As noted in the release notes for the last version, the next public preview release 0.2 will be a bigger update, hopefully fixing all reported issues as well as adding a couple of new modules. The 0.2 release will come out before the end of this month.



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