WOHotKey source code repository now public

I’ve just released some more source code under the BSD license, this time the WOHotKey framework. WOHotKey is an Objective-C framework for Mac OS X which provides hot key functionality for Cocoa applications. This is part of a general move towards open source that I’ve been working on for a long, long time now. If you’re interested to hear about my motivation, see the post I published last month, "Embracing open source".

The published code is derived from code that’s shipped with a couple of applications (WinSwitch, Synergy Advance) over the years. I had to do a lot of rearranging in preparation for the move to open source, so things have diverged quite a bit; note that this means that the published code has never been tested in a shipping application. My plan is to massage things a bit to re-unify things so that my apps will use the new code base.

The Git source code repository can be browsed here:

Periodically-updated backup mirrors are already in place at GitHub and Gitorous: