WinSwitch 3.2b Universal Binary release

WinSwitch version 3.2b (beta) is now available for download. This is a beta release which offers native compatibility with both PowerPC and Intel processors ("Universal Binary"). In addition to the Universal Binary status this release brings a number of bugfixes as described in the full change history.

This is use-at-your-own risk beta software that is likely to have bugs. The previous stable release (version 3.1) is still available for download on the downloads page.

WinSwitch is freeware but I depend on donations to cover the costs of distribution and development, so please consider making a contribution. The download-to-donation ratio is well over 1,000 to 1, so please think about helping out.

If you haven’t used WinSwitch before take a look at the screenshots or head over to the downloads page and take it for a spin!