WinSwitch 3.0b available

I am very pleased to announce the immediate availability of WinSwitch version 3.0b. This is a major update to the popular replacement for Apple’s Fast User Switching menu which packs in a number of great new features and bug fixes. Highlights include a brand new preferences panel and the ability to set a customizable hot key to take you back to the login window. See the full list of changes.

For the technically curious, this release marks the public debut of three frameworks that I have been working on for a long time and which will be used in almost all of my future products (such as Synergy Advance, GetSmart Pro, and a couple of unannounced products that I have nearing completion). The frameworks are WOHotKey (which provides the hot key support), WOBezel (of which you can see the tip of the iceberg in the new notification window), and WODebug (which provides low-level services and a crash catcher/crash reporter; of course, I don’t expect anyone to see the crash reporter, because WinSwitch should never crash!).

WinSwitch is freeware, but I depend on donations to cover the costs of distribution and development, so please consider making a small contribution. I have some wonderful ideas for improving WinSwitch, but I need your financial support to implement them.

If you haven’t yet tried WinSwitch yet, head over to the downloads page and take it for a spin!